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Essential points every man should know of how to take care of their...

You might think that growing a beard needs little more than, you know, growing it. But that's not the case. Like the...

Important benefits of using argan oil for hair

When we talk about beauty products, we’re likely to come across multitude different brands—many of which are praising...

5 helpful ways to use lavender soap

Appropriately, what you apply on your skin is absorbed and breathe in into your bloodstream. Therefore, the soap that...

Let’s explore some benefits of Neem for skin

Neem oil is a genuinely occurring pesticide observed in seeds from the neem tree. While it doesn’t sound very...

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  • 8 simple reasons why you should add Apple Cider Vinegar to your...

    You think about Apple Cider Vinegar and salad dressing is the first thing that comes to your mind. However, this light brownish liquid has become widely popular for various reasons other than for being used in salads. It is found to be capable of curing everything from flu to fighting against diabetes and heart problems.Although many of it’s health benefits are not proven yet, experts believe adding this to your daily routine may bring you health benefits.Read More

    01/04/2019 0 200
  • 2 Oils From The Mint Family You Didn't Know Existed

    The word "mint" may bring to mind the refreshing aroma coming from the herbs in the food cooking in the kitchen. However, the mint family is huge and includes a number of herbs, small shrubs, and even trees. It is particularly noted for its aroma but not just for minty fragrances like peppermint, but also chocolate, ginger, apple, orange, pineapple, and banana etc. Read More

    02/04/2019 0 184
  • Why essential oils are the key to good health

    Are you familiar with the term Essential oil and know what they are used for? Little is known about these oils yet you wouldn’t have imagined that oils can be of great use in our daily lives as well. Those who know about them and have used them swear by its effectiveness and it’s time for you to know why.Read More

    02/04/2019 0 102
  • Amazing Benefits Of Triphala (Ayurvedic Herb)

    The most powerful benefits of Triphala (an Ayurvedic herbal powder) include improving digestion, reducing signs of aging, detoxifying the body, aiding weight loss, strengthening the immune system, managing diabetic symptoms, preventing various cancers, and optimizing nutrient uptake efficiency, addresses dozens of different health concerns, thanks to its anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, antioxidant, soothing and antiseptic qualities.Read More

    02/04/2019 0 109
  • 15 Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera health advantages includes relieving heartburn, rushing up burn healing, assuaging discharge pain, reducing inflammation, treating dehydration, detoxifying the body and treating constipation, improving gut health, serving to manage polygenic disorder, reducing steroid alcohol levels, helps alkalinize blood, reduces the chance of cancer, support the immune system, boost health of skin and support dental health.Read More

    02/04/2019 1 156
  • Benefits of the Holy Basil (Tulsi) Herb

    The tulsi plant has several medicinal properties. The leaves are a nerve tonic and additionallysharpen memory. They promote the removal of the catarrhal matter and phlegm from the bronchial tubes. The leaves strengthen the abdomen and induce copious perspiration. The seeds of the plant are sticky, manufacturing a coating that protects mucous secretion membranes.Read More

    12/04/2019 0 123
  • Top 10 Incredible Benefits Of Honey For Face & Skin

    Honey is a fantastic ingredient that may do wonders for your skin! Wondering what makes us vouch therefore powerfully for the advantages this delicious golden liquid will wear your skin. browse ahead to understand more.Read More

    12/04/2019 0 102
  • 3 Important Ayurvedic Herbs for Healthy Kidney Function

    Bean-shaped and positioned along the posterior part of the abdomen, the kidneys have the serious accountability of eliminating waste and blights from the bloodstream. These important organs perform with other organs to control blood pressure, enhance red blood cell production, and synthesize vitamin D. A healthful diet, exertion, and keeping hydrated are beneficial for assisting your kidneys. Read More

    30/04/2019 0 105
  • Let us explore amazing benefits of Bhringraj Powder for hair

    Keeping hair health is a very tedious duty, due to the dangerous toxic wastes, sun-strokes, greasy scalp, and nerve-racking life. However, combating all these issues at one time to exhibit inherently shining and robust hair is not a piece of cake for any human being. Read More

    02/05/2019 0 76
  • The 5 magical herbs that are appraised as safe ayurvedic sugar...

    The term Ayurveda is gained from a Sanskrit word which states the ‘knowledge of longevity”. The goal of Ayurveda is to repair a person’s inborn balance. Essentially, the therapies of Ayurveda incorporate dietary programme, meditation, analeptic herbs, detoxification therapy, etc.Read More

    02/05/2019 1 117
  • Amazing beauty benefits of orange peels

    Everyone loves oranges! It is the best fruit which everyone loves to eat. But do you know that orange peels can be amazing for skin? Yes, it’s true. It is considered as the best skin care treatment which enhances your beauty. Read More

    02/05/2019 0 81
  • The advantages of gold for skincare

    The union of gold with a woman’s beauty has been in existence since generation. Not only for designing jewelry, gold is popularly utilized for beauty therapies these days. Gold has been employed in skin therapies by Romans, Egyptians and Japanese since early times. Today, it has become very famous globally to remain eternally youthful with gold facial due to its immense range of advantages. Read More

    02/05/2019 0 82
  • How to do photography of a product?

    What’s more attractive when people browse for a product? Product information, detailed descriptions or reviews? Of course, they are important and attractive too! But if there is no captivating photo, then people will opt for another e-commerce without even thinking much. Hence, having product photos that stands out amongst the competition is more important than any other piece of content on your product page. Read More

    02/05/2019 0 82
  • Important benefits of Aloe Vera for your hair

    Aloe Vera carries amazing benefits for skincare. But what if we say that it can be your beauty secret for hair? Yes, it’s true! As it’s a package of ample supply of vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients, it is surely connected to hair growth. Read More

    06/05/2019 0 126
  • Senna Leaves: The Healthy Natural Laxative in Alleviating Constipation

    Senna has been utilized as a traditional medicine by age-old lifestyles all over the world for millennia and is broadly used in herbal medicine. It is generally used as a laxative and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It is thus found as an ingredient in many laxative products sold over the counter as a stool softener and to boost intestinal muscle contraction and bowel movement. Read More

    06/05/2019 0 115
  • Wheatgerm oil: The best skincare ingredient

    Enhance a nutrient-bountiful, age-challenging booster to your skincare routine by assimilating wheat-germ oil into your system. Whether you take this oil as an addition, add it to your recipes or utilize it topically, this kind of oil bestows many benefits, varying from cushioning and moisturizing your skin to stimulating its regenerative powers. If you’re keen to make your skin glow in natural ways, wheat-germ oil is worth to choose. Read More

    06/05/2019 0 130
  • Garcinia Cambogia: The best herbal fat burner

    Which is the best herbal fat burner if you name some? Turmeric, cinnamon or cumin? But have you heard about garcinia cambogia? This is the best weight loss extract which has become familiar across the world in recent years. Also known as gummi-gutta, this small pumpkin-shaped fruit claims of its miraculous results on weight loss because of hydroxycitric acid. Read More

    06/05/2019 0 69
  • The Brain Uplifting Benefits of Consuming Herbal Coffee

    As Herbal coffee is caffeine free; carrying a lot of advantages to people anxious about the consumption of a coffee. Coffee owing to its abundant taste and aroma tempts people in taking a drink of it for at least once. Read More

    06/05/2019 0 82
  • The healing properties of turmeric powder

    Turmeric powder is one of the healthiest spices on Earth. Made by grating the desiccate root of the Curcuma longa plant, this age-old superfood and key ingredient in curry powder has been utilized by Indian Ayurvedic healers for centuries.  Read More

    06/05/2019 0 70
  • Arjuna: The Best Known Ayurvedic Herb for the Heart

    Have you ever questioned the value of your heart? Probably not. But Arjuna herb is there to take care of your heart. You know the days of old, you know the botanical traits, so what can arjuna do for you? As it turns out, arjuna’s uses are abundant.  Read More

    06/05/2019 0 64
  • Moringa Oleifera: The powerful health booster

    Moringa oleifera, also called as drumstick tree or the “miracle tree”, is a greatly appreciated and adaptable plant which belongs to the Moringaceae family. It is a swift-growing, deciduous tree that is native to India and is broadly ploughed in tropical and subtropical zones all over Asia, Africa, and South America. It is broadly popular by many other names, involving Horseradish tree and Ben oil tree. Read More

    06/05/2019 0 72
  • Let Us Explore the Benefits of Pippali

    In our previous article, we have discussed about Senna which cures constipation easily. But today, we are going to shoot one more herb which is Pippali. Pippali, long pepper or piper longum is fundamentally a kind of herb, known for its medicinal properties. Pippali is sweet in taste and balances vata and kapha dosha. Read More

    06/05/2019 0 65
  • Important herbs that could support your liver

    With the word “detox” being presented on most teas, juices, and diet plans, it’s simple to feel that you require to take charge of cleansing your body of all the dangerous toxins you are unprotected to. But the body has its own detox system. In fact, harmful chemicals from everything you absorb or inhale – food, drinks, medicines, or smoke – convert into less injurious, water-soluble substances in the liver in a 2-phase process and are then passed. Read More

    16/05/2019 0 63
  • 4 superb advantages of the tremendous kokum butter

    Kokum butter is a stand-in to cocoa and shea butter for aiding regenerate and moisturize your skin. The various kokum butter advantages make it an effective option for anyone desiring to look and feel better.  Kokum Butter is among the reliable butter and has an outstandingly good shelf-life. Read More

    16/05/2019 0 99
  • Important advantages of hand wash gels

    You know it’s very important to keep your hands clean and sanitized. As much as your hands treat you, they also put viruses in contact with your mouth, nose, eyes, and many other parts of your body. We hope you’re already cleaning your hands with hand wash gels and warm water multiple times a day, as that is the ultimate way to get rid of germs, but another valuable alternative is hand wash gel. Read More

    17/05/2019 0 66
  • Green tea: An amazing ingredient for skin care

    We all know that green tea is an amazing weight loss supplement. But what if we say it’s an amazing ingredient for skin as well? Yes, it’s true. Well, green tea can work wonders for your skin and earn back that charming glow. Read More

    17/05/2019 0 62
  • Apricot: The best exfoliator for skin

    You may wonder why we have a lot of apricot products; besides their beautiful aroma and taste, apricots are also utilized in the beauty products. So, let’s look at the amazing benefits of apricotRead More

    03/06/2019 0 81
  • Sandalwood oil: The best beauty treatment for the brides

    While it might not be feasible for the brides to go to a costly salon to get a beauty treatment daily, it is very much feasible to accomplish the same merits at home. Sandalwood, known as chandan, can demonstrate to be an ultimate solution for all your skin issues. Read More

    04/06/2019 0 114
  • The three best herbs to defeat dandruff

    Herbs can be beautified to shampoo to calm and defeat dandruff. Exert them straightly in a kind store-bought shampoo or produce your ownRead More

    06/06/2019 0 104

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