Let Us Explore the Benefits of Pippali

Let Us Explore the Benefits of Pippali

In our previous article, we have discussed about Senna which cures constipation easily. But today, we are going to shoot one more herb which is Pippali 

Pippali, long pepper or piper longum is fundamentally a kind of herb, known for its medicinal properties. Pippali is sweet in taste and balances vata and kapha dosha. 

Fruits and roots of piper longum are loaded with nutrients that are crucial for the better operating of the entire body system. Pippali or long pepper has anti-fungal, anti-amoebic, antimicrobial, anti-asthmatic, anti-diabetic and antioxidant properties. It is also familiar for its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, anti-depressant and anti-ulcerative properties. 

Long pepper has robust antibacterial qualities. It preserves the body from bacterial infections. The roots of piper longum are anti-inflammatory, analgesic, carminative, laxative, and expectorant. They are hot and saccharine in dominance and are utilized in digestive feebleness and immoderate phlegm inside body. 

Long Pepper for Indigestion: 

Pippali is an effective restorative for the digestive system as it purifies lining of intestines. Piper longum has piperine which aids to battle definite parasites that can harm digestive system. Piperine protects it by shaping the lining of the intestines. Besides digestion, it is also utilized to revamp hunger and to cure heartburn, intestinal gas, stomach-pain and diarrhea. It aids to revamp hunger too. Hence, involve long pepper powder in your food to keep you healthful and fit. You can utilize it while cooking or eating fruits on regular basis. 

Good to treat Gastric Problem: 

Piper longum or long pepper is certainly best for those people, who have gas formation and abdominal bloating with the absorption of milk. By steaming a small piece of pippali along with milk, you can get comfort in stomach gas formation. 

Long pepper Cures Acidity: 

Pippali or piper longum is a wholesome traditional medicine of acid reflux, if it is utilized with black chebulic myrobalan or harad. 

Good for Constipation: 

Long pepper is best for constipation by controlling bowel movement. If you are upset of passing stool several times in a day, take 1 gm pippali powder and 1 gm powder of harad (black chebulic myrobalan). Add 1 tsp of honey in it and absorb twice a day. 

Cures Stomach Cramps: 

Long pepper can manage stomach cramps (Irritable bowel syndrome) too. Take harad (black chebulic myrobalan and pippali (1 gm each) and digest with warm water twice a day. With a regular use of few days, stomach-ache, cramps and diarrhea (atisar) will be treated successfully. 

Treats Loose Motion: 

Pippali or long pepper has anti-bacterial properties. You can treat loose motion or diarrhea with piper longum or long pepper. Take ¼ tsp of pippali powder blending with a glass of buttermilk twice a day. It is very powerful remedy of loose motion that can treat even chronic dysentery. 

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