Green tea: An amazing ingredient for skin care

Green tea: An amazing ingredient for skin care

We all know that green tea is an amazing weight loss supplement. But what if we say its an amazing ingredient for skin as well? Yes, it’s true. Well, green tea can work wonders for your skin and earn back that charming glow. 

Green tea is packed with the wholesome of antioxidants, which not only stimulates good health but at the same time can produce for a good glamourizing formula. So, if you thought that this wonder tea can only aid in revamping your health, then there is a lot you require to know about green tea, especially for skin! 

  1. AidCure Swollen Eyes and Dark Circles 

There are many advantages of green tea for the skin.Swollen eyes and dark circles are something that most audience bear from at some point or the other. The caffeine contracts the blood vessels and lessenbulginess, while it also reduces the dilation of the blood vessels under the eyes and cures the dark circles. Take some tea bags that you soak, freeze it for half an hour, then place on your eyes. 

  1. CureCure Acne 

The antioxidants appeared in green tea aid in combating free radicals and in rebuilding damaged skin. Drinking green tea also improves the immune system, slits down sebum production, and lessens inflammation, all which aid battle against acne internally. You can put green tea contemporarily in the form of masks and toners. Brewed tea can also be chilled into ice cubes and used on the face. 

  1. Green Tea for Anti-Ageing 

Say adieu to the signs of ageing as the antioxidants in green tea as well as the anti-inflammatory properties will aid lessen signs of crinkles and fine lines. Dampen some green tea leaves and then blend it with some honey to make a face mask. After washing your face, apply it and leave it on for about twenty minutes and then wash with warm or cool water. 

  1. AidTreat Sunburn 

To cure sunburn, all you must do is, brew a pot of green tea, strain it, and leave it for cooling. After that, soak a piece of cloth in the tea and utilize it as a cold compress for sunburned areas. The antioxidants in green tea preserve against the injurious ultraviolet rays. 

  1. Lessen Oiliness in Skin 

Is green tea best for acne? The pungent, astringent taste in green tea evolves from the tannins it holds. These admixtures can contract your pores and lessen your sebum (natural skin oil) building. This leads to a not so much oily pigmentation without the sternness of chemical elements in most commercial products. Does green tea really perform for oily skin?  Hence, green tea is the best tea for skin pigmentation merits.  


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