Sandalwood oil: The best beauty treatment for the brides

Sandalwood oil: The best beauty treatment for the brides

While it might not be feasible for the brides to go to a costly salon to get a beauty treatment daily, it is very much feasible to accomplish the same merits at home. Sandalwood, known as chandan, can demonstrate to be an ultimate solution for all your skin issues. Used in a range of ways, it can aid in managing oil secretion, skin dullness, spots, dark circles, etc. What's more? It also aids you in accomplishing a bright glowing skin- one of the most attractive attributes of all the brides. 

Now, let’s explore the benefits of sandalwood oil for skin: 

Gets rid of acne 

Acne can be stopped, eased and removed with sandal wood oil. The anti-inflammatory elements of sandal wood essential oil have calming impacts which aid ease down acne swelling and redness. It’s antibacterial and antiseptic properties aid to battle off acne resulting bacteria and aid maintain deposited pimple wounds clean and germ-free. Apply sandal wood essential oil to your acne utilizing a clean cotton bud. In case you have sensitive skin, blend the sandal wood essential oil with coconut oil before applying. 

For flaw-free skin 

Sandalwood essential oil is very powerful in curing and slowing down scar tissue acne marks, blemishes and dark spots. You can get free of blemishes by facial boiling. Top up a large bowl or pot with boiling water and add three drops of sandal wood oil. Cover your head and face by producing a tent over the bowl and let the steam absorb intense into your skin as you inbreathe. This will not only aid reinforce your respiratory system but also aid slow down dark spots. 

Another beauty advantage of sandalwood essential oil is that it aids remove bulginess and swelling in the skin. Anti-inflammatory elements of sandalwood oil are powerful in lessening inflammation in the skin and scalp. Blend a drop or two of sandal wood essential oil in 1 tablespoon of olive oil and exert it over breakouts/acne/other inflamed skin areas to ease. 

Sandalwood essential oil has skin lightening elements that aids lessen tan and smooth out blotches. Add 5 drops of sandalwood oil to 3 teaspoons of coconut oil and exert to craggy tans on your skin. This will aid collapse the pigment that has passed the skin surface, leaving your skin with an even skin color. 

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