Beta-glucan: The Korean beauty skincare ingredient

Beta-glucan: The Korean beauty skincare ingredient

Our introduction to the wonders of the skincare ingredient that is beta-glucan is one of the new skincare lines and it's inspired by Korean beauty. 

So, let’s explore the benefits of beta glucan: 


Skincare is a multibillion-dollar industry, denoting everything from anti-aging to UV protection to making us graceful. But brightening skin is so much more than just a cover-up. Skin is the largest organ of our body, and it’s included in hormone exchange, waste, preservation, temperature regulation and so much more. 

The skin is our first line of protection against attack – a key function in immunity – and the last step when normal detoxing and elimination fail – exploding in breakouts and hives. Our skin should be wisely given as much concern as breakable internal organs would receive, not because it is sensitive, but because it is important.  


Everybody system is technically entwined, but the immune system appears to be firmly connected to each of the other systems. The immune system does much more than keep us from coming down with the common cold or other disease blockages. 

The immune system controls the way the body answers to stress, and stress is one of the largest contributors to premature aging and skin problems. 

Those little lines and wrinkles that appear on the forehead are clearly connected to stress, but stress is linked to skin diseases as much as aging. A period of severe stress can be physiologically processed on the skin, breaking out into hives or other disagreeable symptoms.  

Normal immune reply involves white blood cells called macrophages that travel to the site of intrusion or disease in the form of inflammation. When the immune system over-reacts or reacts to a discerned threat – such as stress – it is crucially following a ghost, generating unbearable and unneeded inflammation without resolution. Beta-glucan for skin aids at this vital foundational level by aiding the immune system to have more well-organized responses to illness as well as stress, leading to a lessen in unnecessary inflammation.  



When we look at the connection between stress and the skin, we explore oxidative stress. As a medical and pathological term, stress is described as anything that disturbs the homeostasis which is our body’s natural balance. 

When the body is off-balance, each system performs over-time to repair the balance. Stress, then, can be worried about finances or work situations, but it’s also about toxic subjection to cigarette smoke or synthetic chemicals, overstrain in the gym, and poor dietary habits. 

Each of these circumstances can start the building of free radicals which are molecules that break free without an electron. To stabilize back out, they steal from other molecules, making them a free radical that robs from others, until the cell itself becomes unsteady and breaks down. Free radicals left unchecked become oxidative stress, which leads to health concerns in the body system in question – skin involved. 

Oxidative stress can be lessened by substances called antioxidants which are found frequently in fully colored fruits and vegetables – as well as in beta-glucan. Antioxidants seek out free radicals in the body and remove them, and they also restore the cellular damage that occurred. 

For the skin, this equalizes to both a defensive and curative effect. The quality of your diet, involving your intake of antioxidants, can importantly impact your skin health. 

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