Butylene glycol: Found in every single Korean skincare product

Butylene glycol: Found in every single Korean skincare product

If you want good-looking skin, it’s so significant to have a little bit of knowledge about common ingredients utilized in skincare products. Not only is it significant to know what ingredients your skin would really benefit from, but it’s equally significant (or maybe even more so) to know which ingredients might beharming for your skin or health. 

If you are striving to revamp your skin with Korean skincare, you must have noticed that butylene glycol is an ingredient that is found in almost every single skincare product! So, it’s time to find out: what is butylene glycol utilized for in skincare products and is it safe to put this ingredient on my skin? 

In short, butylene glycol is a chemical compound usually used as an alternative to propylene glycol or glycerol in skincare products.have demonstrated no harmful effects from this ingredientand it has hence been decided that butylene glycol is a non-toxic and non-irritating ingredient. 

What Is Butylene Glycol Utilized for In Skincare Products? 

Butylene glycol is likely one of the most-broadly used skincare ingredients! It’s usually used in a wide range of skincare and cosmetic products, such as cleansers, serums, moisturizers, sunscreen, sheet masks, foundation, and mascara. It’s also utilized in other personal products such as toothpaste, shaving cream, and shampoo. 

The reason why most skincare products hold butylene glycol is because it is very productive at enhancing the skin penetration by other ingredients (many active ingredients have a molecular weight that is too large for productive skin penetration). 

Butylene glycol is also often utilized as a skincare ingredient to provide products (such as moisturizers and sunscreens) a thinner consistency – making them feel less oily and simpler to apply. 

Finally, butylene glycol also has humectant properties due to its alcohol groups. This means that it has the potential to draw moisture (water molecules) from the surrounding air and maintain your skin hydrated (like how hyaluronic acid works). 

Is Butylene Glycol Safe for Skin? 

Butylene glycol is artificially obtained from petroleum, which has given it a somewhat bad name (as people connect it with gasoline or crude oil). 

However, it has been decided that butylene glycol has a low order of toxicity when utilized in skincare and cosmetic products. 

Studies exploring the impact of undiluted butylene glycol on human skin also found that it generates a very low order of primary skin irritation.  

Although butylene glycol has been demonstrated to generate a very low order of primary skin irritation (even when undiluted), it can cause skin irritation for people with very sensitive skinmainly if applied around the eyes. 

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