8 types of facial according to your skin type

8 types of facial according to your skin type

Facials are revitalizing, but only when chosen wisely. Yes, selecting the right facial for yourself is also a trick. While de-tan facial aids eliminate tanning mostly for oily skin, gold radiance facial suits all skin types. 

De-tan facial 

De-tan facials match oily skin that gets sun-tanned. The creams utilized for this facial cut the melanin on the skin therefore gives immediate de-tan results. 

Diamond facial 

This facial is perfect for special occasions and matches dry, oily as well as combination skin types. Mostly chosen for wedding, parties or festivals. The fine dust massage cream utilized for this facial lessens signs of aging, acne as well as lends a whitening impact to the skin. 

This facial goes for all skin types. The result of this facial is a yellowish gold glow that is ideal for blushing bride as well as women who must face strong lights that are normally warm white in color. 

Aromatherapy facial 

The aromatic oils utilized in aromatherapy facial have powerful healing and pervading ability. Experts examine skin type and accordingly suggest the oil which when blended with base oils show unique set of beneficial properties.  

The aroma of these oils when inhaled work emphatically on emotions and cause a physical and psychological response like alleviating stress, defeating melancholy, enlivening and boosting mood.  

This kind of facial is the latest, safe, non-invasive and inclusive therapy that uses light and cures various skin disorders like wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, coarse skin, large pores and impairs. 

Collagen facial 

Collagen, a natural protein has the potential to get absorbed and contain moisture in the skin, this vital protein makes 70 percent of the skin but is lost as we age, thus causing wrinkles. The Collagen facial refills this significant protein to offer texture and flexibility to skin. 

Red wine acts as an anti-oxidant which is twenty times more productive than vitamin C and fifty times more than vitamin E. Application of red wine revamps moisture content, skin flexibility, and lessens the appearance of wrinkles. 

It enhances levels of vitamin C within the cells which have an anti-wrinkle effect. Red wine acid also reduces the pigment and boost skin metabolism.  

Skin lightening facial 

This facial is the most productive one for visibly lightening the skin tone. Mostly convenient for dry skin, as the creams and masks used for this facial are all herbal in nature.  

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