Pickle: A must-have spice and its amazing benefits

Pickle: A must-have spice and its amazing benefits

In India, pickle is a favorite and a must-have. Found in households across the country, it is amid the Great Indian Condiments; an ideal partner to both parathas in the north and curd rice in the south.  

Pickles are a kind of preserved foods greatly popular in India both in the south and north. While pickle mentions to the class of food items mustered in the way, there are several types we find under this category. Almost most of the vegetables we utilize for cooking can be pickled. The key ingredients in pickling are salt, chillies, tamarind, vinegar and oil. However, the divergent kinds of preparations employ them differently and in different combinations to accomplish the desired variety of pickle. Generally, Indians relish pickles and use them alongside the main course dish to gain a spicy touch. Some of the most popular pickles include lemon, mango, gooseberry, ginger, garlic, onion, mixed vegetables and many others. In fact, through the right process, anything can be pickled not eliminating fruits and meat too. Mango pickles come in broad variety and are relished throughout India. 

The most famous pickle during summer months across India is still the mango, whether it is produced with fennel seeds or asafetida, called hing in Hindi. Mangoes are converted into a chutney with sugar in Gujarat, pickled with saunf or aniseed in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, and in Andhra Pradesh, they are pickled often with fiery chillies. 

But while mangoes might prevail remarkable, the truth isthere is no Indian fruit, vegetable or berry that you will not find in a pickle. 

Several parts of the world protect seasonal produce as pickles – olives, cucumbers, beetroots and eggs – but in India, pickling is an often- detailed process which takes weeks, including spices and oils instead of just brine. There is a set procedure included. Each region has its own heritage when it comes to pickling, to certify quality and the right balance of flavors. 

So, let's take a deeper look at some of the advantages of your favorite deli food, shall we? 

      1 Pickles Are Real Vegetables 

Well, here's a clear one you likely didn't think about: Pickles are made from raw cucumbers, and while the fermentation process alters their nutritional profile a bit, pickles are still certainly a legit veggie. One dill pickle spear counts as 1/4 cup of your suggested vegetable intake for the day. 

      2 Get Some Antioxidants 

Pickles hold natural antioxidants found in fresh fruits and vegetables, and while cooking can break down some of these heat-delicate nutrients, the fermentation process protects their nutritional profile and antioxidant power.  

      3 Pickles May Aid Keep Your Blood Sugar Down 

Eating fermented foods like pickles with your meal may aid avert blood sugar spikes, thanks to the vinegar content. So, adding pickled and fermented foods to meals could be vital for their blood sugar, involving people with diabetes. 

      4 Help Restless Legs 

It aids with curing uneasy leg syndrome, though the reasons why are still a bit unobvious. The high application of electrolytes may have a role in soothing those symptoms. 

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