4 Ways to Keep Hands and Feet Healthy

4 Ways to Keep Hands and Feet Healthy

Taking care of hands and feet doesn’t only denote moisturizing. Basic measures in your daily regime can shield against unpleasant infections and even malignant growth. Let’s explore how to keep skin both soft and healthy... 
You likely have a daily routine for keeping your face clean and moisturized. But what about your assiduous hands and feet? 
 Hands are the most regularly used body par. They can become dry, dull and pale fast. 
And feet take a tapping from carrying your body weight all day. 
During wintertime, hands and feet are both more probably to look dull, red or clefted. But don’t just throw on mitt and boots to hide them until Eastertide. Caring for them now can have enduring health benefits. 

 Here’s how to pamper your feet and hands: 

 1. Scan nails for dark spots. 

Small white spots on your nails (leukonychia) are normally nothing to fret about. They many times come to light from an injury to the base of the nail, such as plucking at or biting it. 
But if the spot or band is black, brown or purple, don’t assume it’s a contusion. It could mean melanoma, the most critical form of skin cancer.  

2. Make the most of a mani-pedi. 

All the polish in the world can’t make marks, ragged tips look pretty. 
 For that, you’ll need nail products. 
If your nails have expanded vertical ridges (more common as we age), you can make them less perceptible with a ridge filler, available at drugstores, beauty supply shops and mass retailers. 
 Polishing also softens the surface. Rub softly so you don’t thin the nail too much, which shoots up weakness.


A non-acetone nail-polish remover will keep nails from drying out, and shaping nails in one direction, rather than cutting back and forth, stops splitting. 
 The most significant for healthy nails: Don’t share files and other nail tools, since viruses and fungus can move on them, causing serious infections. 
 If your nails like the salon service, bring your own file, orange stick, clipper and cuticle nipper. 

 3. Don’t neglect cuticles. 

Cuticles may seem unimportant when they’re healthy, but small tears, normally from hangnails or dryness, leave the area unsafe to infections that may cause hurting swelling. 
 Hydrating that tender area with a cuticle cream or hand moisturizer aids generate a defensive barrier against bacteria, fungus and yeast. 
And stop the desire to cut cuticles, which can break that barrier. Instead, apply cuticle remover – which cushions and breaks down the skin – then push cuticles back softly with a clean orange stick. 

 4. Exfoliate your hand and feet 

If your body needs exfoliation, then why not hands? You can do this in the shower with your body scrub, or simply use a hand scrub and keep it by the sink for a bit of pampering. We love the BodyCafe Hand & Nail cream for a super luxurious feel or the Khadi India High Intensity Hand Cream which is a daily treat for delightfully soft and luxuriously moisturized hands. 
Your feet need pampering too, and they deserve to be highly praised. Exfoliate them by giving yourself at-home pedicure or simply use BodyCafe Hand & Foot Scrub. 
Because your feet are difficult to exfoliate than your body, you can use a scrub on them two to three times a week depending on your results.  


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