6 Herbs That Will Supercharge Your Libido

6 Herbs That Will Supercharge Your Libido


Sometimes no matter how allured you are to someone, no matter how much you like them, no matter how contented you are in life in general, your libido can upset youcreating shambles on your bedroom satisfaction. You may be feeling too exhausted, too strained, or invariably not in the mood for evidently no reason at all. Maybe you go in with good resolves but feel a lack of interest once invested. Whether you don’t want to, or it doesn’t feel as best as it used to, carrying a healthy sex life is an complex part of living a well-stabilized lifestyle. It’s effective of lessening stress, raising a healthy relationship with your partner, and so much more. 

Herbal remediesloaded in natural plant-based chemicals, offer an answer to common problems people experience. 

Herbs for men 

     1 Gokhru 

Gokhru is broadly used in Ayurveda to stimulate libido as it is an aphrodisiac. Gokhru also has healing impacts and can revamp fertility. It also says that it can revamp sperm count and flexibility. One of the main properties that make gokhru an aphrodisiac is the fact that it stimulates testosterone levels and hence revamps libido. 


Admired as an Indian wonder herb for thousands of years, this root is set out as “Indian ginseng.” The name ashwagandha is derived from the Sanskrit language and is a union of the word ashva, meaning horse, and gandha, meaning smell. The smell of the root is thought to be “horse-like.” 

One of its many health benefits is inducement of the libido and enhanced satisfaction by enhancing blood flow to sexual organs. It is a natural alternative treatment for low sexual desire and erectile dysfunction. 

     3 Kaunch beej 

Kaunch is well known for its aphrodisiac qualities as it is famous to enhance the sperm count and to stimulate testosterone levels. The herb is also recognized to aid the body put up lean muscle & to break down unnecessary fat and thus blessing for people willing to follow a weight loss plan. Hence Kaunch is often utilized by athletes and body builders. The herb is best for stimulating the mood for sexual desire and it owns anti-depressant impacts. This herb is famous to enhance testosterone levels. Many health experts also suggest taking Kaunch to aid retain the practical performance of the nervous system. 

Herbs for women  

       4 Shatavari 

Shatavari is called as the "Queen of the Herbs" for female health and libido. Shatavari performs as an aphrodisiac for women by carrying all the signs of women's sexual health, through all the modifications of a woman's life, into balance. Shatavari enhances blood flow to the female genital area, increasing sexual sensation, delicacy and enhancing vaginal lubrication. It is famous to have a hormone balancing effect, making it helpful for women who undergo loss of libido as a side effect of the menopause. 


As per the Kama Sutra, Ashwagandha is an effective sexual stimulant. It is an aphrodisiac or love drug that performs wonders when it comes to enhancing sexual desire. Research suggests that men and women who digest ashwagandha churna experience stimulate in libido, lubrication, and satisfaction. 

       Ashoka’s bark 

Stem bark of Asoka tree is effectively astringent and a female internal reproductive organ tranquillizer, female internal reproductive organ tonic, and styptic, having an inspiring impact on mucosa and sex gland tissue. The bark is moreoveruseful in dyspepsia, fever, and burning sensation. 

It is moreoverpractice curing menstruation, leucorrhoea, internal trauma, hemorrhoids, and harm infectious disease. 

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