Breathe your lipstick! These bold shades act gracefully for all occasions

Breathe your lipstick! These bold shades act gracefully for all occasions

That a lass likes her lipsticks is no secret. It wouldn’t be an eye-opener if you own several lipsticks in apparently similar shades. But there is just something about bold lip shades that women absolutely love. From a brunch date with your girls to a corporate meeting, a swipe of your dearest bold lip color tends to up your game altogether. 

But if you are someone who hasn’t yet found the conviction to show off a bright, bold lippies, then worry not. Below, we have hand-picked some of our favorite lipsticks that work for any and every occasion. 

A professional meeting 

If you are someone who favors keeping your look less extreme at work, then let us tell you that wearing a bold lip color at work shows as an instant confidence booster. The Kohua shade of Sonaturals is a beautiful burgundy shade that not only looks attractive with a lot of outfits but also provides you a very cosmopolitan and professional appearance. Also, you can try  

Date night 

Nothing describes self-assurance, passion and energy like red lipstick. Wear it with your best-loved LBD or smarten up simple denim and T-shirt, an ageless red lipstick never disappoints. Try the Burnt Rose shade of Stars Cosmetics or the Ghani shade of SonaturalsThese matte lipsticks have a moisturizing texture and bestow the perfect pop of color that looks attractive on all skin tones. 

A day out with your girls 

A brunch with your girls means wearing salmoncoral outlines, loads of mascara and a super beyond pleasure colour. For these outings, try the Bahar shade of Sonaturals or the Baby Blush shade of Stars Cosmetics. These lipsticks will see you through the afternoon-long food and tittle-tattle session. 

Casual day out 

Applying a bright lip color on a casual day is the best way to boost your spirits and feel more confident. Go for a bright pink lipstick that is super alluring and looks graceful with most of your day outfits. The Ruby Pink shade and Raspberry Pop 

of Stars Cosmetics or Maya and Meher shade of Sonaturals bestows you a city-bright look that will faithfully stick to your lips as you helm from one journey to another. 

Exotic event 

If you are bored of the usual pinks and reds to pair with their exotic looks, then it is time you try deep maroon lip color. We comprehend that a deep maroon shade seems a little daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Maroon lips look alluring on all skin tones and they also permit you to test with the rest of your makeup. Try the Jiva shade of Sonaturals or Maroon Rebel shade of Stars Cosmetics to break the boredom of your lipstick cycle. 

So, these were the best shades of lipsticks that all of us should earn. If you still want to look for other shades, opt for: 

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