What to Wear at Holi Festival 2020 – Hand-Picked Best Holi Outfit Ideas

What to Wear at Holi Festival 2020 – Hand-Picked Best Holi Outfit Ideas

Holi is the most rainbow-like event of the year which carries about joy and happiness of its own. The Hindu Spring Festival is a broadly celebrated one, not just in India, but around the globe. It is called as the “Festival of colors!” 

It is endless to the types of dresses you can wear at Holi, such as sareestops, and shirts, there is just zero limit to testing with looks on this day. Since the celebration calls for a play of colors, the go-to color for it is white. Men and women similar dress up in white, coloring themselves different hues of spring. However, you can change the norms by selecting vibrant colors for the occasion like pink, orange and red. We are bestowing you some fun attire ideas that you can show this March on Holi. 

No matter the age, the best-loved Indian attire to wear to a traditional festival is the Saree. It can be worn by women of all ages. This one in an off-white shade provides you all the reasons to be worn on the day of Holi. You can match it with a beautiful off-white blouse. This is just what is needed for this Spring festival. You can sport this traditional attire with a sleek hair bun embellishing it with some fresh flowers. Since most people choose for the pure white shade, this off-white saree can be a revitalizing change.  

Western Outfit for The Festival oColours 

If you are in the West and want to have your own color moment, just chill as we have something for you as well. The West seems to love Holi just as much as the East does and they have been holding their own class of it. The color festival is famous in Brazil and some major USA states. If you are planning on going to one, here is what you can try. Put on white set dress or just a basic t-shirt and jeans. Throw in a light orange jacket for a cool style and get ready to be soaked in some vibrant colors. This casual style will help you stay comfy with nought worries about how to rid your clothes of the color. 

Formal Holi Attire 

Make for a Daytime Holi Party? Fab the look with a formal outfit. Following the theme of white, we suggest this white shirt with some attractive detailing on it and for menyou can try this elegant white shirtThe windy and light look of it makes it simple to wear while under the sun. Fab your best-loved hues with a classy outfit like this one for the classic Spring look. 

Funky Outfit 

Get Maytime ready with this super classic look. For men, to keep it casual and comfy while out with buddies, you can go for Casual Jaipuri Printed Shirt and pant and for woman, a white and black set dress is perfect. It looks like it was made particularly for this occasion. The casual flats and the cross body sling bag are making so much difference here. 

Holi Footwear Ideas 

When putting together an outfit look, it is vital to pay extra heed to the footwear. Since the occasion is a festival, it is necessary to hand-pick the kind of footwear that aids you to stay comfy all day long. Beautiful white sandals will assuredly adjunct the Indian attire, giving it a fun look.  

Printed Tunic with Silver Accessories 

Shift your white outfit with a spring-suitable outfit. These outfits in muted tones seems like the best pick for a daylight look. To style up for the occasion, you can throw in some bulky jewels. The Indian Culture is popular on Silver accessories and they sure look lovely with this tunic. Also, try this white color heart-shape earrings. 

In 2020, don't shy away from sporting something you're not used to sporting during Holi. Acing for the festival is a difficult task, and once you're done, you can unlock your heart, let the colors brighten your soul and get drenched in the peace of vibrant colors. Happy Holi! 

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