A must-follow beauty tips for the rainy season

A must-follow beauty tips for the rainy season

A must-follow beauty tips for the rainy season 

The rains are a certain relief to our dry skin after a dry summertime. However, the monsoon climate carries its own set of unwanted skin issues! It is significant that you carry on with your skincare regime, even in the monsoons. Exert a soap-free cleanser, exfoliate routinely and do not miss out the toner. 

These are must-follow steps for the rainy season: 

  1. Limit cleaning your face 2-3 times a day with a soap-free cleanser. This will aid retain a clean, healthy skin without peeling your skin off its essentials oil. 

  1. Exfoliating the skin is vital to get clear of the dead layers on your skin. Get a regular skin exfoliation care through herbal products such as Mint and Almond Skin PolisherMother Of Pearl Micro Facial Exfoliant, or Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish. 

  1. Always go for a minimal make-up and products from the STARS COSMETICS. Let your pores breathe. Use a lip balm that can moisturize the lips, keep one handy so that you can apply it anytime. 

  1. Don’t miss out the toner. In summer, we tend to sweat a lot and this can generate our skin pores to open up. Apply a toner after purifying to aid shrink these pores. Invest in an alcohol-free toner with amazing ingredients like witch hazel and rose oil that help firms enlarged pores, to prevent blemishes and acne, while eliminating dead cells. 

  1. Selecting the right sunscreen for the right complexion and skin type is very crucial. Use nothing below SPF 30. Apply where your skin gets exposed to the sun for a long period of time, apply regularly and liberally on the face before sun exposure. Make another application frequently, mainly after swimming or drying yourself with a towel. Put every 2-3 hours for best protection. 

  1. Lock the moisture with a mask. Prevent oiliness in the skin caused by humidity, with a once-a-week clay mask that genuinely absorbs oil. Go for one with aloe vera or green tea extracts and gentle exfoliation to avert breakouts by eliminating dead cells and dirts from the pores. 

  1. Against what most people believe, moisturising is as significant in summer as it is in winter. Subjection to the sun and pollution peels off the natural oils of your skin, generating it to tan and age early. So you need a light, non-oily day cream that has Honey extracts & Lemon , and mild natural ingredients such as aloe vera and almond that help cell repair and regeneration. 

  1. Give extra dose to sensitive areas: The skin on our lips and around our eyes is delicate than that on the rest of the face, so they need extra care during the summer. The heat can make the eyes burn and lips, cracked. Make certain you splash your eyes routinely, and keep your lips shielded with lip balm. 

  1. If you can’t live without kajal, invest in a highly pigmentedwaterproof kajal pencil. Also, remove all make-up before calling it a day for the night, and ease your eyes with rosewater-dipped cotton balls. 

  1. Use under eye cream that helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and slows down ageing signs thereby enriching the skin around the eyes. 

  1. Clean yourself with antifungal powder on clean dry skin to stay away from harmful infections. 

  1. Use moderate products and retain a good, simple routine exerting sunscreen regularly and using herbal peels or exfoliants, so your skin will progress evenly. 


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