Flaunt this Navratri in style with our latest collections on Sourus

Flaunt this Navratri in style with our latest collections on Sourus

The sacred period of Navratri is here and it’s time to proffer our respect to the Goddess. This Indian festival glorified over nine holy nights is honored to remember the success of good over evil.  
The nine-day long festival praised the nine avatars of Goddess Durga and each day has its own significance. Each day of the festival is represented by a color and each color is related to the avatars of Durga. If you are planning to keep Navratra fasts this time around and feel the desire to dress according to the auspicious colors, here’s a look at each day and its color. And, if you are looking at some fillip to don these hues, here's help from Bollywood divas! 

Navratra Day 1: Orange 

The first day of Navratra is dedicated to Goddess Khushmanda, who depicts shine and energy. The day is represented by orange colourSo, pick up an orange hued outfit. 
What do we recommend: 

Navratra Day 2: White 

Day two of Navratra is devoted to Goddess Skandamata. The Goddess depicts naturalness and one should wear white color on this auspicious day. 
What do we recommend

Navratra Day 3: Red 

The third day is dedicated to Devi Katyayani and the colour for this day is red. The shade depicts the hostility of the Goddess towards the evil. 
What do we recommend: 
Traditional Festive Earring 

Navratra Day 4: Dark blue 

This fourth day is dedicated to Devi Kaalratri. The colour that depicts the Goddess' massive power is dark blue colour. 
What do we recommend: 

Navratra Day 5: Yellow 

This fifth day is dedicated to Shailputri, which represents nature and the special colour for this day is yellow. This hue is a symbol of delight and cheerfulness. 
What do we recommend: 

Navratra Day 6: Green 

The sixth day praises Brahmacharni and is symbolized to spiritual knowledge. On this day, praise the green colour. 
What do we recommend: 

Navratra Day 7: Grey 

On the seventh day, you should enhance grey colour. This day is devoted to Devi Chandraghanta, who carries the half-moon on her forehead. 
What do we recommend: 

Navratra Day 8: Purple 

On the eighth day, Goddess Durga is honoured as Mahagauri on this day and she is beautified in purple color. 
What do we recommend: 

Navratra Day 9 – Navami – Peacock Green 

On the ninth day, the color peacock green is regal that always offers grandeur feel to the wearer. 
What do we recommend: 



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