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  • Boost your immunity with Amla Aloevera Ras Enriched with the goodness of Amla Juice, Aloe Vera Juice.
  • Useful in skin disorders, arthritis, constipation, acidity, cholesterol, assist weight loss, increases immunity, hair loss, reduces blood sugar & pressure and gives energy to the body
  • It improves metabolism, immunity and avoid all the bacterial and viral ailments.
  • Ingredients : AVALA,ALOEVERA AND JALA.
  • It is the best natural remedy for skin tears and it also aids destroy the symptoms of aging skin conditions.
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Meghdoot Amla Aloevera Ras is useful in skin disorders, arthritis, constipation, acidity, cholesterol, assist weight loss, increases immunity, hair loss, reduces blood sugar & pressure and gives energy to the bodyBoost your immunity with Amla Aloevera Ras Enriched with the goodness of Amla Juice and Aloe Vera JuiceIt improves metabolism, immunity and avoid all the bacterial and viral ailments. 

Amla benefits:

  1. Averts Cancer: 

As it holds antioxidants, mainly superoxide dismutase (SOD), which stops the development of carcinogenic cells. It aids lessen the harmful impacts of radiation and chemotherapy. It is popularly known as the ‘healing fruit’, it aids in keeping free radicles away and the potential risk of stomach, skin and liver cancer can be averted with its regular use. 

  1. Aids cure gastric disorder: 

Treats gastric disorders and burning sensation in abdomen. It is effective in curing ulcers and acidity and treat acidity. 

  1. Useful for Healthy Hair: 

It reinforces hair follicles, thus promoting hair growth. It averts premature graying as it has antioxidants and vitamin C. It averts accumulation of dandruff on your scalp as it has vitamin C. 

  1. Revamps eyesight: 

It aids in retaining retinal cells and promotion of healthy capillaries. It aids in stopping and averting the eyes from cataract. It reinforces the eye muscles and, in addition, restricts intraocular pressure and battles issues like itchiness in eyes as it has vitamin C. 

  1. Cleanses blood: 

It is a natural detoxifier. It cleanses your blood as well as enhances hemoglobin and red blood cell counts. It gets rid of stubborn acne and other disorders. 

Aloe vera benefits: 

  1. Skin Care 

Aloe has been used for skin treatments since ancient times. 

  1. Boosts Immunity 

Aloe vera owns natural detoxifying elements that powerfully purify the digestive system and the circulatory system. As the absorption level of nutrients escalates, it results in better blood circulation and revamps health.   

  1. Lessens Arthritis Pain 

Aloe is well-known for its best anti-inflammatory properties that perform instantly on the pain and swelling resulting from arthritis. Its juice is also very effective in easing the swelling and inflammation that are closely connected with arthritis. 

  1. Lessens constipation 

Aloe vera has often be exerted to cure constipation. This time it is not the gel, but the latex, that offers the benefits. 

  1. Slows down Cholesterol 

Aloe vera automatically revamps blood quality and thus aids in re-stabilizing the other components in it like cholesterol and glucose.It powerfully lowers cholesterol and total triglyceride content. 

  1. Hair Care 

Aloe vera has been praised to be an outstanding option for encouraging hair growth naturally. It has an enzyme that is beneficial for boosting hair growth. 

  1. Lessens Blood Sugar Level 

Aloe vera has useful effects on lessening blood sugar levels and its consumption aids lower blood sugar and triglyceride levels. 

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