Khadi Woodsy Beard Mustache Fragrance Oil - 50 ML

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  • Ingredients:Mineral Oil, Cyclomethicone, Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Olive Oil (Olea europaea Oil)
  • Aloe Vera Oil (Aloe barbadensis Oil) Argan Oil (Argania spinosa Oil), Vitamin E, Cedarwood Oil (Cedrus atlantica Oil)
  • Fir Needle Oil(Abies sibirica Oil), Eucalyptus Oil## #Hydroxytoluene and Pentaerythrityl tetradi-t-butyl hydroxyhydrocinnamate.
  • This is best for beards men because as your beard grows, the follicles will pull the moisture and sebum oil from the surface of your skin, eventually causing an itchy beard.
  • Mineral oil prevents this by keep the water locked into the surface.


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Tame beard-frizz naturally with this specially formulated blend of Argon, Clove Oils, packed with antioxidants. The effective blend of oils helps keep the beard healthy and shiny, while the Woody flavor lends its exotic woody smell. This remarkable oil prevents dryness perfectly without leaving your face greasy or oily hands and gently massage onto your beard.  

Important ingredients to highlight: 

  1. Mineral Oil: 

  • Aids your skin to maintain water. 

  • This is best for beards men because as your beard grows, the follicles will pull the moisture and sebum oil from the surface of your skin, eventually causing an itchy beard. 

  • Mineral oil prevents this by keep the water locked into the surface. 

  1. Cyclomethicone: 

  • One of the most commonly used silicones in hair care. 

  • Provides a silky, smooth feel and leaves the hair with wonderful slip when wet. 

  • An evaporative silicone, which means it evaporates and won't build up on your hair. 

  1. Caprylic/capric triglyceride: 

  • Perform as antioxidants and disinfectants, and the low molecular weight of the oil means it can effortlessly penetrate the hair shaft. 

  • Excellent on dry, damaged hair 

  1. Olive Oil (Olea europaea Oil): 

  • Holds vitamin E which helps beard growth. 

  • Aids in beard growth by penetrating hair follicle and boosting them. 

  • Beard hair will become stronger and grow faster. 

  1. Aloe Vera Oil (Aloe barbadensis Oil): 

  • Holds anti-fungal and antibiotic properties which boosts the beard growth and make your beard thick and long. 

  • Aids soothe and heal skin inflammations. 

  1. Argan Oil (Argania spinosa Oil): 

  • Reduces inflammation. 

  • Nature's Moisturiser. 

  • Prevents ‘bearddruff. 

  1. Vitamin E: 

  • Vitamin E is an antioxidant and just like Vitamin C, it aiddefeat free radical damage that can prevent growth and cause your hair to age and even damage.  

  • Vitamin E boosts the growth of hair by improving blood circulation which in turn enhances oxygen intake in the hair follicles improving the production of new hair. 

  • Gives a healthy, stronger and shiny hair on your beard. 

  1. Cedarwood Oil (Cedrus atlantica Oil): 

  • Aids hydrate, condition and provide shine to your beard while moisturizing the skin beneath it. 

  • Aids to control itchiness and flaking that can come with a dehydrated face and beard.  

  • Able to discard the itch - as the oil wicks down your beard and penetrates your hair follicles - keeping your skin and beard well hydrated. 

  1. Fir Needle Oil (Abies sibirica Oil): 

  • Soften and moisturize your beard while offering enhanced manageability.  

  • Aroma of fir needles can have a relaxing influence and revamp mental clarity. 

  • Long lasting woodsy scent. 

  1. Eucalyptus Oil: 

  • Stimulates hair growth. 

  • Praised for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.  

  • Aid in softening, buttressing and repairing the vital nutrients of facial hair, while revamping the overall look and feel of beards. 


Pentaerythrityl tetradi-t-butyl hydroxyhydrocinnamate. 

Do not rinse. Use daily for best results.  




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