Meghdoot Kamaratna Ras 500 ml

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  • Helps to improve strength, nutrient to body and mind with adapto-immuno-neuro-endocrino-modulator properties, overall sexual performance (Vajikarana), achieve better orgasm in male and female.
  • Production of sperms improves.
  • Treat things ranging from infertility.
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This ras helps to improve strength, nutrient to body and mind with adapto-immuno-neuro-endocrino-modulator properties, overall sexual performance (Vajikarana), achieve better orgasm in male and female, helps to correct premature ejaculation (Sighrapatan), erectile dysfunction and Night Fall (Svapna dosha). 

Important ingredients to highlight: 


  • Enhance the sex lives of men. 

  • Is an adaptogen, that is, it boosts the adrenal glands and revamps our fight-or-flight reactions.  

  • One of the very powerful sexual stimulants. 


  • Enhances and prolongs sexual arousal and erections. 

  • Boosts the sexual organs and lessen inflammation in the reproductive system.   

  • Performs naturally to revamp libido, vitality and heighten the erotic sensations. 


  • Used in ayurveda as an aphrodisiac and is believed to refine fertility as well as sexual performance. 

  • Enhance the weight of testicular organs and testosterone levels. 

  • Production of sperms improves. 


  • Improvements in erections and sexual satisfaction. 

  • Promotes ovulation and sperm production. 

  • Increase libido in both women and men. 


  • Very effective herb for sexual weakness. 

  • Treat things ranging from infertility. 

  • Improve sexual behavior, libido and performance. 


  • Ensuring better functioning of sex organs. 

  • Letting one get over impotency. 

  • much-improved frequency of erections. 


  • An immunostimulatory agent that revamps general immunity and relieves weakness. 

  • Enhances the production of testosterone, revamps the sperm count and enhances sexual desire. 

  • Effective against premature ejaculation and low sperm motility. 


  • Enhances potency, and to cureseminal weakness, STDs such as syphilis, gonorrhea, and menstrualderangements. 

  • Mainly used for diseases of the urogenital system in both males, and females. 

  • Kali musli is tonic for health and treats general weakness. 


  • Act as a testosterone booster. 

  • Enhancing virility. 

  • Libido, sperm counts and general sexual function gets enhanced. 


  • Act as a rejuvenating tonic for your reproductive organs. 

  • Aid with issues like infertility and impotence as well as premature ejaculation. 

  • Improves sexual drive. 


  • Help to clear excess kapha or mucous from the body. 

  • Support respiratory functions. 

  • Helps to rekindle Agni, the digestive fire. 

12. LAWANG: 

  • Boosts libido. 

  • Get Less Colds & Improve Your Immune System. 

  • Improve Women's Bladder Control. 


      •Performs as an aphrodisiac and aids to spice up your sex life importantly.  

      •Known as ‘Viagra for women’. 

      •Imitates the impact of serotonin. 

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