Detoxhills Herbal Shots 500ml (Pack of 2)

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  • Detox Support
  • May help to eliminate wastes from the body
  • May help to maintain body's electrolyte balance
  • Helps to support halthy Immune system
  • Helps to maintain healthy digestion
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Detoxhills Herbal Shots - 500ml : Detox Support Detoxhills is a combination of herbs which are considered to have colon cleansing properties. Triphala may help manage healthy colon health. It may help in improving digestion and appetite.  It may  create a conducive environment in the intestine for absorption of nutrients and thus may help improve overall health. Sunthee & Jeera may have carminative properties.

Detoxhills is a sublime combination of Ayurvedic herbs that aid in sustaining healthy digestion. This is a natural formula which is designed to help relief constipation. It also helps support facilitating and calming of digestive track.  

The important benefits of ingredients are: 

  1. Triphala 

  • Revitalizes and toughens the digestive system and act as mild laxative. 

  • Aids in loosening the stools, lessening the possibilities of serious complications. 

  • Aids cool the inner lining of the stomach and lessens inflammation. It helps alleviate the burning sensation that upsets the stomach and can stimulate your overall health.  

  1. Pudina 

  • Help with stomach ache or indigestion as it’s a cooling and calming herb. 

  • Enhance bile secretion and empower bile flow, which aids to speed and calm digestion. 

  • Alleviate pain and uneasiness from gas and bloating. 

  1. Jeera 

  • Enhance the activity of digestive enzymes, actively uplifting digestion. 

  • Enhance the rescue of bile from the liver. Bile aids digest fats and definite nutrients in your gut. 

  • Serves as a painkiller and is mainly useful in treating stomach pain and abdominal pain. 

  1. Sunthi 

  • Alleviates pain and uneasiness in the stomach generated by chronic indigestion. 

  • As it has anti-inflammatory properties, it aids the stomach to counteract the digestive juices and besides boosts food digestion and absorption. 

  • Remove the surplus gas from intestinal tracts. 

  1. Garcinia 

  • Improve your digestive system. 

  • Aids preserve against stomach abscess. 

  • Lessen damage to the inner lining of your digestive tract. 

  1. Saindhav namak 

  • Revamps digestion and is an authentic way to alleviate stomach pain. 

  • Utilized to treat stomach infections. 

  • Helps in deworming. 

  1. Dhania 

  • Aids in the proper secretion of enzymes and digestive juices in the stomach. 

  • Useful in curing anorexia. 

  • Boosts digestion and peristaltic motion. 

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