Stately Icy Lilac Bath Gel

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  • The recipe of rosemary with a mild twist of menthol is softened by gentle lavender in a luxury scented bath gel. Adorn yourself with rich lather and you won’t feel anything less than a vision of loveliness.
  • Perfume - Lavender, Rose marry & Menthol
  • Suitable to all types of skin
  • Colour - Purplish Blue, Transparent, No Particles
  • Energises skin : Combination of powerful ingredients that benefit the overall wellness of the skin : Awakens senses
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Enriched with lavender and rosemary essential oils, with a twist of menthol, this bath gel is well known for its invigorating properties, bringing out a whole new well-being. Experience how energized your skin can feel with this powerful combination of ingredients. 

The recipe of rosemary with a mild twist of menthol is softened by gentle lavender in a luxury scented bath gel. Adorn yourself with rich lather and you won’t feel anything less than a vision of loveliness. 


  • Energizes skin 

  • Combination of powerful ingredients that benefit the overall wellness of the skin 

  • Awakens senses 

Important ingredients to highlight: 

  1. Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate: 

  • Is a purifying and foaming agent. 

  • Cleansing Agent. 

  • Skin-Conditioning Agent. 

  1. Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate: 

  • Cleansing and skin-softening ingredient. 

  • Considered safe and non-irritating to skin. 

  • Produces a creamy-feeling lather. 

  1. Coco amido Propyl Betaine: 

  • Skin-Conditioning Agent. 

  • Cleansing Agent. 

  1. Sepimax Zen: 

  • Clear aqueous gel. 

  • Rich, beautiful skin feel with a velvet finish. 

  • Creates finer and softer foams in a hygiene product. 

  1. Lenotin WP: 

  • An excellent skin care ingredient. 

  • Versatile for all kinds of skin-care formulation. 

  • Excellent moisturization capacity, repairs skin barrier function, nourishes skin and stops premature wrinkles appear, revamps skin firmness. 

  1. Proteol APL: 

  • Packed with the amino acids. 

  • Aid improve the cleansing power of other ingredients, working in synergy to softly whisk away dirt, toxins and oils by producing a rich lather with a hint of moisture. 

  • Offers mild fruit acids that gently exfoliate, lifting away dead surface cells to display a brighter, more refreshed complexion beneath. 

  1. Aculyn 60 

  1. Aloe Vera Gel: 

  • Helps to reduces redness and gives a natural cooling impact on the skin. 

  • Revitalizes the skin, hydrates it, and maintains your skin looking fresh all the time. It is a peerless moisturizer for skin. 

  • It is a great naturally occurring antioxidant that battles the oxidative defacement experienced by the skin. This will lessen lifelessness and bestow your skin a natural glow. 

Aqua, Perfume, Color 

  • Perfume - Lavender, Rose mary & Menthol 

  • Suitable to all types of skin 

  • Color - Purplish Blue, Transparent, No Particles 

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